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MIP’s innovative textiles help improve sleep quality

Known by its customers throughout its 40 year history as being an innovative textile and solutions provider, MIP continues to drive change, improve care and ensure comfort for its valued customers and the residents they care for.


As in all aspects of decision-making and product line selection, the “good better best” continuum drives MIP to strive for the next best thing.

UltraKnit Optimum linen is an example of how we can raise the bar on care and quality without having to sacrifice affordability. In fact, UltraKnit Optimum has quickly become one of MIP’s fastest selling linen items as it has replaced almost all previous versions of linen that we’ve developed. Its long-lasting, fast drying, stain resistant, soft feel and enhanced stretch fabric make it a perfect match for the environments we service. Available as a bottom sheet (SK4000B or SK4500B), semi-fitted top sheet (SK4011T/P/SP*), and Pillowcase (SK4019P/TU/*) the complete line offering will quickly become a standard of comfort for the resident.

In addition to the UltraKnit Optimum linens, our complete line of UltraKnit bariatric linens is there to address the specialty needs of a growing portion of the care population. Comfortable, durable and with high stretch properties, the bariatric linens provided by MIP are designed with both the end user and the care providers in mind. Its differentiated bone colour helps ensure quick identification for the staff and bottom and top sheet sets come in various sizes (from 38 to 54” wide) to fit your facility’s specific requirements (SK4*B/BE and SK40T/BE).

As a compliment to the linens that envelope the customer on a daily basis, the Fusion patient care bedpad provides peace of mind for caregivers in knowing that they are providing the best in incontinence care. As an upgrade to the well-known DermaCare bedpad, Fusion is designed to manage the skin’s microclimate and moisture build-up. The thin profile of the reusable Fusion bedpad (#9100) ensures a comfortable sleep environment for the resident along with providing enhanced absorbency. Its unquilted surface ensures the bedpad remains flat without bunching and eliminates the risk of fluid pooling under the resident. Fusion is also available in a bariatric size for facilities requiring additional coverage (#9118).

Lastly, no comfortable night sleep can be complete without a truly comfortable pillow. MIP’s TruBliss pillow line is designed with the resident in mind and offers a restful place to lay one’s head and enjoy a good night’s sleep. This wipe clean pillow line provides different loftiness options to address the requirements and comfort of individuals’ preferences. Coming in a vast array of standard and specialty sizes, including a 48” long body pillow (#E51190), TruBliss raises the bar on sleep comfort. Its unique Soft Resilient Core construction ensures the pillow will maintain its shape and comfort throughout its useful life. By manufacturing the TruBliss pillow right here in MIP’s own Canadian factory, we have full control over quality and performance. In addition, our compression packing abilities allow efficiencies in shipping and logistics and help you get more for less.

Each of the components discussed are key components of the Perfect Bed System make-up. Each item is designed not only to extend product life and provide optimal quality but most importantly to enhance the residents’ comfort and quality of life.

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